1. How Do I Know You’Re Legit?

We have been trading coins since 2014 on ebay and are well known in the world of coin sales.

Our ebay store is have 100% Positive Feedback with 1500+ succesfull transaction .

Our ebay store is have 100% Positive Feedback with 1201+ succesfull transaction.

With hundreds of transaction across ebay, you can be sure your money and details are safe with us.

For confirmation from our happy customers who have previously bought from our site you can check their Genuine Reviews.


2. How can I buy Coins?

We currently have two trading methods, including Mule Account and Comfort Trade

1) Mule account:  We will send a new Miniclip Account filled with coins to your email address.

2) Comfort Trade: We will log in your account to transfer the coins to your account. Please make sure that all info provided is correct. Attention: Never log in your account during the 24 hours, or the transaction will fail. We will send “order completed” info to your email address when the transaction is finished.


3. How long does delivery take?
If stuff is active then it would be within 30 minutes, maximum waiting times can be up to 24hrs depending on demand.


4. Is it safe and will i be banned?
The coins are transferred using separate IP addresses and only a small amount each time, therefore ensuring there would be no ban and it not becoming a flagged account.

Miniclip bann or remove accounts every 24hours. So if there is not problem in 24hour then meaning of that everything is OK. Therefore we are giving 24 hours warranty only. We never quarentee Long Term Use. Using account wrongly cause flag or bann.


5. What type account login details should i give on comfort trade option?

You have to give a miniclip or facebook account login details. We can not transfer to google play account.


6. I bought mule account. Can i transfer these coins to main account with playing and losing?

No, you can not. You have to keep your coins in this account. Miniclip don’t allow transfer coins beetween accounts. Therefore if you try to transfer then your account will flag or bann.


7. I want coins to my own account but i don’t want give my login details. Is there other way without giving login details?

No there is not. If you want them to your account then only safe way is comfort trade. After give login details then we will tranfer coins safely to your account.


8. What are the most likely reasons my coins have not been sent?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may not have received your coins immediately.

– We are waiting allow us for login to your facebook: We tried to login your facebook but facebook did not allow us because of trying to login from different location, so you have to login fb and you will see an option box about allow us.

– You have sent wrong email or password of miniclip or facebook account.

– We have not received your order. Please make sure payment has been made before contacting us about your order.


9. When should I contact you about my order?

Please only contact us about your order if you have not received your order after 24hours.

We always notice you about your order on your email address. Sometimes we can wait your action for start transferring. (For example we can wait for facebook login confirmation). So Please always check your email inbox for our messages.