Hello everyone!

Here is something significant to tell you people!
We do not sell coins, we sell our services.

Our customers don’t purchase coins from us. They are paying for our services which our experts play the game in order to generate coins in your respective accounts by winning the game.
For example- If you pay 20$ USD our experts will play the game until your account will reach up to 50 millions coins.

You must be wondering who are experts? Right?
Let me explain you. Experts are those who are playing only 8 Balls Pool no matter whether it is day or night just in order to increase their skills, capabilities and to increase their knowledge so they can play the game and can win!

We have bunch of professionals who will genuinely play the game to increase the coins as well as your level, cash and  winning percentages simultaneously,automatically by winning the game.

  We are ensuring that your IDs and passwords will remain confidential as we require this in order to play by your respective account.
Once the coins are filled up, Our team will inform you.

How to order

1: Select the package of coins that you want to buy and click “Add to cart”.


2: Check your cart and click “Proceed to Checkout”.


3: Enter your billing address and active contact email address (we will contact and send “order completed” message to this email)
Option A:  Comfort Trade (Transfer to your own account)

Enter your email and password of miniclip account and confirm your order info again then click “Proceed to Paypal

how buy coins 8 Ball pool